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    It seems that there is a lot of salt in the chat that makes it explode. I have had this happen when I kill someone, or when some others get into an arguement. One would start calling the other one a hacker, or bad, and a whole bunch of other stuff that can be avoided. I can't stand when people do this, because it's really just stupid. Now let's be real here, the unturned fanbase has a lot of younger people on here, ranging from 7-13, and they tend to have this occur. So what i'm saying is that there should at least be something done about it. Because I love freezzer, I really do, but the arguing has to end. I am not saying ban people or whatever. Just do something about the arguing. Any questions feel free to email me @[email protected] or [email protected] (it's an old address from years ago, so don't judge)