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    matamorez is an assault rifle, NOT A SNIPER!!!!

    It's TECHNICALLY classified as an assault rifle in Unturned files. But what assault rifle has 300 meters of range in this game?

    wait isnt it like a dragunov or is the snayperska already 1?

    It's based on the VSS, which is classified as a sniper rifle irl.

    Anyway, regarding the poll I don't think either weapons are tryhard, I'd say more like Maplestrike or Zubeknakov. And I'll ignore the third option. ^^

    I strongly disagree with this.

    People can finally build a base and feel at least a little bit safe in it. Bases now stand a chance against people attacking them, why completely remove that now?

    Before whenever somebody would build a base it would be destroyed in no more than 5 minutes unless it was hidden somewhere.

    Yes, I am going to agree. People that use Ghillie and snipe from a distance can be annoying. I've experienced it myself. BUT, increasing the storage of the Ghillie suits is not going to make Ghillie snipers overpowered. So I wanted to suggest this because I recently started using Ghillie.

    I'm not the typical Ghillie user however, I don't climb in trees (although I used to do that) and snipe people from it. I go around the map, as some stealthy assassin, ninja kind of guy. As edgy as it seems, I got bored of the "normal" playstyle. Because of this playstyle, I want to fit more items in my inventory that would suit me better. A lot of people tell me to just use a green/ghillie backpack. But the problem with both of them is that they don't fit with every Ghillie shade. Green daypack fits in with Forest green on maps such as PEI and Washington, and Ghillie backpack fits in ONLY with the recent map France. However they do give enough space. And let's be real, it's pretty unrealistic how little things we can fit in our ghillie suits.

    So, here's what I thought. How about we increase Ghillie top to the space of a Military Top, Ghillie vest to space of a Spec Ops Vest, and Ghillie bottom can remain unchanged.

    All Ghillie tops in the game [ID]: 235, 1354, 1492, 1512, 3104. Space: 4wide-2tall -> 6wide-3tall [4x2 -> 6x3]
    All Ghillie vests in the game [ID]: 238, 1357, 1495, 15144, 3107. Space: 4wide-3tall -> 6wide-3tall [4x3 -> 6x3]

    As you can see, I'm not asking for a HUGE space increase. Just something so that we can fit stuff like perhaps landmines, charges and a detonator, and a bit more ammo.

    A bit more ammo would be especially nice since I currently have 4 magazines for my rifle and 3 magazines for my pistol in my inventory.

    I also cannot heal up more than twice before having to reload my inventory or spawn in more meds due to the small space.

    Now, if you're a pvp player who usually pvps at hotspots such as Seattle and PEI prison, how does this affect YOU?
    The answer is: very slightly.

    Ghillie users will still have the same aim and same armor. You will probably notice that some Ghillie snipers will be carrying an extra gun in their inventory. But will you notice them shooting at you for longer? No, not at all. Because even if the space WASN'T increased and they were limited to the same ammo as before they can always just load their inventory, and boom they have more ammo.

    In the image below you will see how the increase would look like.

    There has been a lot of complaints regarding the Jet on sandbox. Because of the Jets a lot of players have quit playing on Freezzer Sandbox. Also there is a decent amount of people who have a very armored Jet saved and all they do on sandbox is sit in that Jet and get as many kills as possible from popular locations such as prison on PEI or Seattle on Washington. What do you think we should do with the Jet?

    Tactical desert falcon? When was this added? In what way is it tactical? It sounds cool as h*ck

    It's a Desert Falcon but with a couple attachments. I can't remember exactly what attachments it has, but I think it's Tactical Light, Vertical Grip, and a Halo Sight.

    I do not know for sure but I think this was added when Hawaii was "remade".

    Appeal Rejected

    I can very clearly remember that I found structures under the map which were placed by you and the two of your friends.

    I did not get shot by anybody whilst I was investigating the structures.

    I also wouldn't instantly ban somebody for falling under the map accidentally.

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