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    i voted no because the rocket launcher is important to destroy structures, but yes i hate when the pepole kill me with rocket but this isn't the way. I propose reduce the damage to 0% on players but still making damage to the structures, like the HMG box. If you agree with me you can delete this post or edit it, cause i can't make a new post xD

    I only use the bullets that the jet gives, I think it's ok cause As much as I stop using the jet, people will continue to use it, so I prefer to use it too and wait for it to be removed than to cry because they kill me with jet.
    But while people are getting angry, it's better, so they try to do something to change this, when they complain that I use jet, I tell them to come vote or stop complaining. ;)

    destroying it is relatively easy, as it is also easy to re-spawn and keep firing explosive bullets, it is more of a nuisance than a simple jet that "focuses on only one person" and is not an excuse to die is that it is simply very annoying that the pvp is to try to destroy jets so they return to spawn and rarely die, or have to hide to kill people, because it is impossible to counterattack you can only put a blimp and wait for the jet to explode and stop bothering, that's why the aim has almost nothing to do with this

    I do this poll because I get tired, and I think I also speak on behalf of many, I get tired of the pvp are people who only use jet and never get off this, this would not bother me if it were not because it is almost impossible to kill These people without taking more than 1 minute, it is not fun if the only thing to do is kill the people of the jets to be able to pvp with real guns. I do not know how many people feel the same as me, so I did a poll to see what happens, if they remove the hmg bullets or we continue like this.