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    It seems like your inventory got corrupted, to fix this please follow this steps: load it, then do /clearall, save it and rejoin the server. note that you will need to respawn every item from your inventory again.

    Firstly, we are not a political party, we are a server network.
    We aspire to give our players the best possible gaming experience, thats why their feedback is so important to us so we can improve our servers and make them enjoyable for most people, obviously the team discusses about the changes and how it would impact the gameplay while meeting the expectations of most of the players, that being said, those are just some adjustments, the main changes are usually decided by the community as a whole. Also many companies operate in the same way and it is proven to be effective.

    The player is not cheating, sometimes the structures of the vehicles don't appear but they are still there, even if you think you are hitting him and it shows the hitmarkers in reality you are just hitting the structures.

    The player you've reported is not cheating, after watching the entire video i can assure you that your shots are not being processed (D-sync), that usually happens with the hecate when you try to hit a player using bullet drop advantage when they are close or behind a wall or when you shoot and in the same instant you prone. that is an issue of the game itself and unfortunately we can't do anything about that, thanks for the report anyways

    Any other vehicle is slower than jet so even if there are people spamming barricades they will end up surrounded and eventually die, the same doesn't happen with jets.
    We already have a barricade limit and if we lower it we might end up ruining some people's custom cars (yes, not everyone barricades their vehicles to pvp, there are some people that like to rly be creative).
    And if we reduce the barricades health it would affect more than just the vehicles, in fact it would affect the whole gameplay (bases, pvp aspect, etc) so unless the majority of the community wants it to change it most likely wont change. Keep in mind that we nerfed jets because pretty much everyone wanted them to be nerfed.

    As i said before the problem is not the jet hp but the fact that people will load it with barricades (which got their hp buffed some patches ago by the game dev). If we buff the jet dmg the same problem we've got in the past will rise again with it being impossible to play against and killing the sandbox aspect of the servers.

    I don't think you fully understand the concept of balancing in game things, if we didn't nerf jets at all there wouldn't be a point in using any other guns/vehicles since people could save tons of barricades on the jets to the point where others were not able to take down a jet without many many dmg in it, in fact it would take a lot of time and when destroyed they could just spawn another jet and keep doing this forever farming kills and ruining fun for everyone. Some times things needs to be balanced in order to open a wide variety of different choices regarding inventory loadouts, playstyle etc. We know that people really enjoy playing with maplestrike being the most popular gun without a doubt but there are still other viable options besides it. Our servers are sandbox based for a reason, we want people to have their own different playstyles and not just people farming kills all over the map with an indestructible, high speed and high explosive dmg vehicle that can be spawned every 7 seconds. Hope you understood my point.