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    Real name: Dominick (prefer not to say last)

    Age: 16

    Game and Freezzer play-time: 42 hours Freezzer, 1178 hours Game.

    Recent/current weekly + daily play-time: This week 0 hours as I have been doing other things, Mostly it is 1-2 hours weekly sometimes daily.

    About yourself: I have been in the Freezzer community for quite some time now as a good sandbox server gives a relaxing feel to unturned and the only people to pull off a good sandbox server has been Freezzers. There is nothing special about me, I just do what I do. I have been in the Freezzer discord for about 8 months now and I have meet loads of people nice and well not so nice lets say that. I speak English and I am now Learning German (I only know 6 words in German) Other than that I guess that all you know, I do not live a life people want to know about, I'm just basic. I do things.

    Why you would be well suited to become a Support-Staff: I would like to be Support-Staff because due to staff being mostly EU people tend to make bad attempts on raids in the discord when all the staff is busy/asleep and I would like to change that by being there to stop it so people do not have to deal with that stuff when they return. For in game Staff just dealing with your average toxic player and rule breaker, dealing with the small things just making sure people can have a nice time on such a nice server. There are some things you have to be there for to stop because not everything needs to be treated like its a big deal you know. Not everything like 2 people have an argument because one is using a MK2 (even though its nerfed) is as big as some hacker making the game not fun. Mods and Support are there be deal with the small things and Support are there to deal with the smaller things. One reason I do not try and go to mod or higher than mod is because it is to much work. Dealing with the small things and leaving the higher ups to deal with the bigger situations instead of the higher ups having to be dealing with everything to the point where they feel stressed and want to quit isn't good if that makes since. Just being a Support Staff helping out is what I like to do. You could offer me admin and I would turn it down, I like the small things because if I end up messing up it will be bad but it will not be as bad as messing up a big thing. My man goal is to help out more and that's about it.

    Steam profile link:

    Reason: Banned for Advertisement but I do not recall doing this but it happened about 1 year ago

    Server: all freezer servers I try to join but I have no clue which one I was banned on

    Executer: Freenex (the owner of the server)

    Reason you should unban me: You should unban me because freezers is the biggest server and everyone plays on it. It is the best and the only sandbox server I have found and all the others are just bad and makes me DC every 5 minutes or so. All my friends play on this server and unless we find something else this server is the only thing we enjoy all the time. I have no memory of advertising and I am sorry for doing so. my ban was 2017-11-07 17:00:57 which is almost a year or may be a year ago. I really want to get unbanned so I can have fun on the biggest best server in unturned and I hope you take the time and unban me because it would mean a lot to me and my friends.

    Hello, I am Ddog and I here today because somehow I am banned on your servers, I looked it up and it says that ive been banned for advertisement and its a permanent ban. I do not recall placing any advertisement and if I did I am incredibly sorry for it. I was banned by Freenex for Advertisement the ban is Permanent and I was banned on 2017-11-07 17:00:57 , I hope someone can get me unbanned because I would love to play this server again. I dont remember any of this but I would love it if I could get unbanned, than you for reading this.