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    Hey All, its Waypoint. The guy who is better than everyone in a Jet and will annoy the shit out of you with it.

    Lets rebuff the jets back to its normal glory so I could come back and reclaim the #1 spot on the K/D.

    Hey Everyone,

    Just wanna ask if y'all want jets to be rebuffed back to its former glory. As the former god of jets, I'd like to vote in favor in having jets do more damage. For the people that do not know me, I am one that contributed to most, if not, all of the reasons why jets were nerfed in the first place.


    Waypoint :D

    Hello Guys,

    I'd like to point out that I am #1 on K/D. I finally made my goal :D

    And I didn't even have to kill anyone lol. Don't worry I wont be back til jets are back.


    Former (and always will be) Jet God



    I am Waypoint, currently with 8.9881 KD. I am here to mark the end of my reign of the skies due to the nerf of my choice of weapon, the Jet. It has been fun making people hate me and annoying the crap out of the Mexican players. Its been fun and a great summer. Goodbye Y'all!



    Jet User :)

    I just thought about an idea!!

    How about we start to learn how to shoot down jets or use them? A lot better solution than removing something you aren't good enough to beat ;)

    Also its getting boring sometimes flying round without a good challenge, so someone challenge me please and stop me from reaching #1