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    We take glitching extremely serious here, and it has become a pretty big issue lately. The length and terms of the ban set a precedent, because a small slap on the wrist won't deter glitchers enough. I believe most of the moderators agree with me on this take, but maybe one of them will agree with you on reducing your ban.

    Did you read what I just wrote? I was busy talking to Freenex and Phoenix when this was all going down about banning the actual music spammer. I was tabbed out the entire duration of people dissing you, I just saw you calling me a cunt and being incompetent/

    The hacker was banned. Check the banlist, and I only kicked you once. I was unsure why you kept D/cing after dying, but it was certainly not me kicking you. Additionally, if I was ignoring you, I was busy contacting Phoenix and Freenex on steam chat to ban the """"""""" guy because I had to lookup his steam 64id. I was tabbed out for the duration that you were trying to contact me. I hadn't been paying attention to what was going on.

    I was certainly not favoring anybody, I knew nobody in the server and the only person I noticed trying to contact me was that squeaker Jeff who kept typing "admin, staff, b0y" just to ask me if his character looked cool....

    I have a mythical honeybadger and I always have a honeybadger in both survival and sandbox. Make sure its a gun you always use. I don't like mythical cosmetics because they give you away even when naked

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    This post lacks an extreme amount of vital details and relevancy..

    A) Who were the players?
    B) Any screenshot or proof of this so called toxic behavior?
    C) Sounds like you were harassing them yourself?

    It is very difficult for the staff to take action on an issue such as this without any pertinent information...I understand your concern and I am sorry this happened during your time on Freezzer, but you need to work with us a little more for anything to be done. If you encounter these players again, be sure to take down their names or their steam profiles, take screenshots of the verbal harassment, and then bring it to our attention.

    Sorry we cannot help you more on this issue

    Why have you been through so many steam accounts? This isn't shady at all....(You explained you forgot the password for one, but there is an option to recover passwords through email). I just don't understand how a person could go through numerous accounts without any repercussions attached..

    Also, your introduction doesn't really convey a lot of trustworthiness, seeing as your steam account isn't real information, but that made by your friend. Moderators need to be able to be trusted by the owners, as well as their fellow moderators..

    Can you provide any concrete evidence other than a statement that his boat was somehow phasing through objects, thus "glitching"?

    Otherwise, I believe that barbed wire that extends from a vehicle can go through walls, just not the vehicle itself.

    There is a fine line between trash talk and malicious intent to verbally assault someone. Trash talk is part of the game, as it is a PvP based game, whereas verbal assault is more defined as repetitive behavior to hinder another players gaming experience in a negative way.

    This appears to be nothing more than typical trash talk in my opinion. However, if it continues to the point that he will not leave you alone whenever you log on, you should bring this to our attention.

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    I have played A LOT of RP in my days (The Specialists RP may be before most of your times, it was a Half-Life 1 mod), and my fair share of Gmod RP. I can't see how Unturned RP could be feasible over the long run, because it just doesn't provide the same options which Half-Life based mods provide.

    I do admit that it would bring a whole separate community of players into Freezzer if it succeeds, which is always a +

    I will bring up the same criticism that was presented to me in my staff application, and that is your number of hours don't reflect on a strong knowledge of the game. I have already run into issues in my short time as moderator that resulted in my inexperience with identifying bugs that can misconstrued for cheating (See: Masky 'Matthew' cheating on Washington).

    Whereas I am very grateful that I was accepted as moderator, I definitely wish that I had more hours under my belt that enhanced my knowledge of the game, which is a requirement outside of moderation experience. If you read my application thread (Robin's Mod Thread), Acid brought up many points that would prove my lack of time on the game could be an issue. I agreed with it then, and I agree with it now after having banned somebody due to a bug.

    I do not want to sound hypocritical, but I already made one error in judgement due to my lack of experience

    After discussion with the administration team and a thorough review of the evidence provided by Masky, I have concluded that this apparent "cheating" was a result of a glitch which has been identified by the server staff previously. There is no conclusive evidence that it was a deliberate and malicious attempt to gain any advantage through cheating, and the issue with the APC (not working with a stealy) must've been another bug.

    Status: Unbanned

    This is solid evidence that he was the victim of a bug. I apologize for this, and I will take the bug into consideration (my input) on whether you are unbanned. You must understand I was unaware of this bug, and it could be misconstrued as hacking, which is what the players in the party alerted me about. Things seem to be difficult to pass on when 6 players are complaining about this.

    The staff will take this into consideration when making a final decision.