Posts by Siro

    I for one would really like to see roleplay servers with save / load (Sandbox). It would shape up the community and make for a more friendly environment.

    It would bring peace to the sandbox style of servers and show it can be used for roleplay too!

    Also im banned from every roleplay server and I really miss mass kosing groups of unarmed roleplayers

    Yukon creative pvp would be very fun. I think a lot of people may agree that a Yukon server would change up the current pvp in freezzer, Seattle towers are getting boring.

    On another note I think jets should be outright removed not because they are op against ground targets but because they offer insane travel time allowing people once killed to come back and get revenge in less than 20 seconds. I remember when we used to have to use ground vehicles because the only planes we had were too easily shot down by players. This gave the game so much more depth allowing for vehicle ambushes and what not.