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    Dont buff jets, if you do most people will just camp in them and armor them without needing to worry about dying, they will be used a lot more which would create lag, basically the problem of armored tanks but they can fly are a lot faster and shoot rly fast and would take 1 or 2 shots to kill someone, plus silent jetting is a thing so someone that would get attacked by one would not even see it coming. jet campers were a big problem back in the day and I dont want to see them return

    how does "killer instinct" help the community, what kind of "tactics", you need to be minimally 14 and you need more hours.

    Horde beacons are an item which makes no sense in the sandbox gamemode, its only purpose is to annoy and troll other players and I personally saw it being used seriously once some time last year.

    In a specific case one user exploited the spawning cooldown of horde beacons by spawning in the items needed to craft them and obviously craft them. he spammed many which causes total chaos and lag to the server. these items can be camped, with senturies aswell which makes players very annoyed.

    My suggestion is to remove the chance to camp horde beacons with senturies by adding an area around them where senturies cannot be placed (like spawn), then to block the crafting of this item.

    Thank you

    I think that the mata should be nerfed also because nelson updates the game based on vanilla survival while sandbox is a whole new enviorment, the matamorez is balanced enough in survival due to its spawn rate and the hussle to get ammo for it while in sandbox its a lot easier to get. at least this is my viewpoint. ofc not to nerf the gun too much otherwise other guns would have to be nerfed and it would cause imbalace, but the matamorez should have slight nerfs in my opinion

    desync is not really fixable as its also a game's issue. limiting the ping of a player would be a lot worse as player base would be massively reduced and for some people it would be a lot worse to get kicked by the system evey two seconds than just dying to desync. For the matamorez issue I agree with desmond as I discussed it with him, while the first issue I agree with and I would personally limit the amount of SPECIFIC objects on a vehicle (ex. 5 barbed wire), as limitingobjects in general wouldn't be effective as it would kll the point of other objects on it and would ruin the concept in general. even though the process of making such a feature is long i defenetly think its a good idea

    "(which ends on April 6, 19:00 CEST)." this is when they said it would end.

    check this video's description for more information

    I personally agree with this in a way but also yeah sandbox does have a few things that dont fit the gamemode such as zombies as there is no survival aspect to this mode. I wouldn't get rid of night compleatly rather just keep a way to vote for day or night or if possible change the brightness of night time as the current status of the game becomes litterally black where all you can see is the stars. I wouldn't give anyone permission to change something like this as they could easelly, But I really like the idea of a vote as many servers already do

    Real name: Luca

    Age: 16

    Game and Freezzer play-time: freezzer playtime 700-800 game playtime 1814h

    Steam profile:

    Discord: cixtea nein#4503

    Recent/current weekly + daily play-time: I just took a break of a few months cause school was hard, but Im back for a long time ill just quit staff if i wont play, but i play like 3h daily unless I have a big project for school.

    About yourself: I live in italy, english is the second best language I can speak, I play unturned for fun and usually just chill on the server or try to have fun.

    Why you would be well suited to become a Support-Staff: I have experience on other servers ass staff and support, for example galaxypvp (jswag's server), I try to keep the chat as clean as possible and always give a chance for the player to stop his actions with a warning unless its a very severe action like cheating. I am almost always online on discord and have been in the community for a long time so I know how the commmunity and servers work. I try to keep my preferences unbiased as the rules count for everyone including me. I've always helped people that needed help in the server as best as I could for example how to spawn items etc. I am also friends with a big part of the unturned community. I always try to suggest ideas to other staff members to improve the servers as I do care for the development of a game/server which I regularly.

    Thank you!

    the mata should be nerfed so it does damage to structions nomrally for raiding and should be halfed with the damage to players unless the range is nerfed to like 150 then 1/3 or 1/4 of the damage should be nerfed

    pls nerf the mata its becoming cancer and its too op every single noob is using it and thy wont get better by doing it and their removing the fun to other players