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    I understand, well then I hope it's a possibility at the very least to add a community map that posses a bit more of a challenge.

    I've looked at Yukon servers most don't have a lot of players. They are usually empty and when they do have people playing' they complain because thetc can't get to a town in time before freezing decreases health and get hit by a zombie and die (never my problem)

    That's just the thing, the way I see it, PEI and Washington (and to somewhat of an extent the current version of Hawaii) are the easy mode maps for the noobs, no loot progression, no environmental conditions, and easy to get/find/grow food. Then we have Russia which is medium with loot progression. Finally, Yukon is hard mode, due to the environmental conditions and difficulty of getting water and food. Yukon I feel is really the only map that actually makes unturned feel like it's a survival game since on yukon instead of guns and stuff being the most valuable, crops food and water are the most valuable items. I can understand why you say that there typically ins't a lot of people on them, cause it's really only a map that gets played by veterans who like a challenge, but I guaruntee if you ask the community, there would be at least a few of us who would like to play on yukon.

    Oh God, there are so many ignorant players (not talking about you Tim) who immediatly call out "admin abuse" etc when they die. Especially in sandbox servers, a lot of players like to say stuff like "oh u use god and vanish" when we don't even have such rights xd

    I feel you, I was a long standing mod on a TTT server a ways back and me and the rest of the mods would get accused of abusing power all the time, despite only doing our jobs and playing the game fair. People would literally say we were abusing and using no clip when we were simply prop surfing XD. That's why I rarely call abuse unless I know for sure that they are, since I've been in those shoes before.

    So, I just recently started playing on the Hawaii server and I had built a nice base, completely made of metal, doors and all, so in other words, no way for anyone but me to get in or out without blowing a wall or door up. So, confident in the security of my stuff, I got to sleep. I wake up this morning and log on to find all of the stuff in my base stolen, nothing weird there, but here's where it gets strange. None of my walls/doors/roofs/pillars were broken... or even damaged for that matter. They were all still the parts that I originally placed since I could salvage them all. I'm not in a group so it's not like my group members could come and steal it, so how in the hell did this happen?

    Haven't played enough Hawaii yet to make that judgement. Though it does annoy me furiously that the palm trees drop BLOODY BIRCH WOOD! COULD YOU NOT TAKE LIKE 5 MINUTES TO PROGRAM IN A NEW TYPE OF WOOD?

    So I'm not sure if this problem is clientside or serverside, but I'm currently trying to complete the MK. II puzzle. I've gotten to the part where I have to place and charge the 3 mini soulcrystals, but for some reason the outlines that allow you to place them are not appearing. Any clue why this is happeneing or how it can be fixed?

    Not really wildsyde, if you have a honeybadger as your secondary gun you're not that vulnerable, I should know, ghillie got me to 5.5k kills till I switched to a more medium range - close range setup

    That's just it, the honeybadger is really only decent at close range. Like you said, a typically ghillie build is a long range main weapon and then a short range secondary, if you get engaged at medium range, say by someone with a sabertooth or a maplestrike, you're pretty dead, because once again, ghillies provide almost no armor, 2 headshots and your dead.