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    Update Notes:


    • Added water volumes to devkit. [Demos in Devtest4]
    • Added selection tool options menu.
    • Added tooltips to devkit.
    • Added kill volumes to devkit.
    • Added basis for gamemode mods.


    • Improved PEI materials/boulders to more closely match reality.
    • Improved devkit to save editor position/rotation.
    • Improved devkit to allow dragging/dropping type references.


    • Tweaked devkit loading window to show editable levels list.


    • Fixed spamming swap thirdperson shoulder next to wall to see through it for a frame.
    • Fixed creating empty assets without hash.
    • Fixed stuck reloading assets when pressing insert.
    • Fixed gaps in castle_1 turrets.
    • Fixed calling card iron sights name.
    • Fixed to include new trees in examples folder.
    • Fixed canned ham 2nd LOD color.

    Water Changes:

    It's now possible to have multiple elevations and connected bodies of water in a level using the new water volumes, for example lakes, dams and swimming pools. Previously water was completely flat allowing a simple check whether you were above/below it, so in the transition process a few features might behave strangely but should be easy fixes. You can disable the old flat water completely in your map's config file. Note that multiple water volumes with reflections enabled will kill your performance.

    Curated Workshop Changes:

    Going forward skin designs (e.g. Hypertech) that have been included in the stockpile won't be considered for inclusion in workshop crates, and vice versa. Preferably workshop crate skins will be more creative and varied similar to those in previous mystery boxes.

    So he doesn't actually know what you had at the time?

    Yeah , he doesnt know what weapons i had at the time , but he knows the weapons i use and i only use , because in that server - we dont have a loot base yet , so we pretty much carry all important stuff and sell the others . But now since i almost got all my gears back except for the grizzly and a couple of exp , i think i only need ingame $$$ Refund . But i probably wont get it cuz i have no "Real" witnesses that i fell to the ground with those items in my inventory .

    Personally , i think 3rd Person would be a real help during PVP situations , but once again - not all people know how to use 3rd Person and would prefer 1st Person , while others prefer 3rd Person and not use 1st Person . New people come and go all around the servers and most of these people are just new to the game so they probably wont even use 3rd Person at all ; which may get them killed during PVP , but for players who knows how to play the game - it would be too easy to verse with people who doesn't know how to play it and it gets boring every so often that you just kill every one without them having any resistance to you . That said - i would prefer to have 1st person than 3rd person so that everyone benefits from it , its not that i dont know how to use 3rd person , its just that i want equality to all people , noobs or not.

    So i was just walking around the deadzone , at silo 22 when it was 5 minutes before restart so that i can get the loot first , but then after i went out of my hind , i went to the outer gate of the silo and then i suddenly fell in the ground straight to the water below , which killed me after . the worse part is that i cant get my loot back because its glitched under the map and even if i miraculousy do it , there's only 5 mins left till restart so , the possibility of me getting my loot back is almost zero. These are my loot : 1 Grizzly , 1 Nightraider , 1 Honeybadger , 3 Vertical Grips , 2 Lasers , 1 RangeFinder , 1 ranger Suppressor , 1 Ranger barrel , 2 Cross scopes , 1 16x scope , 2 Grizzly Magazine , 1 Military drum ~ 75 Bullets~ + 1 Military magazine ~13 bullets~ , 1 Ranger drum ~75 bullets~ + 1 Ranger drum ~ 10 bullets~ , 1 blowtorch , 2 Portable gascans , 1 gps , 1 Military Night Vision , 1 Military helmet , 1 Theif Top , 1 Thief Bottom , 1 Spec Ops Vest , 1 Alicepack , Gasmask, 9 Metal scraps , 3 Mres , and 2 Filters.

    Full skills on first skill page , Full Skills on second skill page except for Warm Blooded , and Full healing+Crafting+ 2 Skills on mechanic and 3 Skills on Engineers plus 200 spare EXP. Idk if i can still get these items back ( and exp ) But its worth a try , and if u think i purposely glitched inside the ground , then you're wrong . i would never do such thing in this server knowing that i would get killed if i do so . and i wouldnt want to lose my items in the process . Thankyou for reading

    P.S. : I know this bug isnt the server's fault but unturned's fault - i was just hoping if i can get my stuff back .

    Edit: This was on Freezzer #7

    I think its a hack, because sometime before , when i was an admin in a server , i use vanish all the time , but sometimes my "body" is left where i did the command while me my "soul" is walking around , i still take damage when they punch or hit me , but when im without the range of that "body" then i dont take damage anymore ..