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    Workshop Crate #1:

    The first community-created mystery box is now dropping as the January 2017 Workshop Crate #1! All of the contents were voted on in the curated workshop, and are the first time you can get mythical variants of workshop items!

    To open a workshop crate you will need the associated workshop key available from the stockpile. This is because the sales of the special key are split with the creators of the items in the crate. Future non-workshop mystery boxes will continue to use the normal mystery box key, however.

    Translation Editor:

    For anyone who worked with the old localization features this should hopefully be a huge upgrade. From the devkit you can now open the new translation editor which automatically handles several annoying tasks from before:

    • Misses list shows all translation references that failed to find their text, and gives you the option to add the missing text.
    • Delta list displays every english token that either doesn't exist in your loaded translation, or has been updated/changed since you last translated it alongside their english counterpart for comparison.
    • Tree editor groups all tokens in english or your translation language from any official and mod namespaces installed to quickly modify text, and will update version numbers for translators to find changed tokens.

    Note that only the newer features are currently using the upgraded translation system, and that you can still manually modify translation files in the Unturned/Translations folder.

    Update Notes:


    • Added January 2017 Workshop Crate #1.
    • Added translation editor to devkit.
    • Added feedback link to singleplayer maps menu.


    • Improved road normals to match terrain normals. [Does this look better?]
    • Updated to Unity 5.5.0p4.


    • Removed Arms Shipment Mystery Box from drops.


    • Fixed roads to shine more naturally at oblique angles.
    • Fixed bedroll placement restrictions to help prevent some exploits.

    A followup to the /home command , i think the standstill should be changed from 10 seconds to 15 seconds to make it more challenging , to hide alot farther from ur opponents for a given time that ur opponents can reach to you , if you think about it , going to a pvp situation 10 seconds is really fast . One more thing , to make the /home command a less OP'er it should have a 20 Minute cooldown and costs 200$ per use.

    Simon , you should probably update the economy on the market since you will be changing the prices , one thing to propose , make sticky grenades and grenades and missiles and nykorev and dragonfang alot more expensive since they are also a big factor to raiding , plus , one more thing - Make the alicepacks a little bit larger so we can fit more items to our inventory . Please Consider these Proposals .