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    I don't think this is a issue for Freezzer, cuz I don't think Freezzer can change the model and the recoil of these guns(or else it would be modded). All I know is that you should address this issue to Nelson...

    We can change some stats of the weapon

    FYI My modem is currently having issues and I might not be able to log into unturned for a while but it shouldnt take too long to fix the issue

    Update: Issue is fixed, I am now able to log into unturned again.

    its not easy to "hide" from a tank missile. They have splash damage. Even if you are behind a hill if the missile hits something like a tree behind you, you will still die. I have had many instances trying to evade tank missiles on hills only to have them somehow land behind me and kill me anyway. Refer to my little diagram:


    Tank missiles have high bullet drop allowing them to ark around a hill and land somewhere behind the player.

    If there is some land for the missile to land on you will still die even if behind a hill... I have had this happen to me countless times.

    thats not how tank missiles work in unturned. Also in that video it wont kill that guy because the car didnt blow up. The fatal thing is the Vehicle explosion not the landmines.

    The thing with tanks is that once the see where you are shooting from they can one shot you with a missile. Jet's can't one shot anything. When it comes to placing landmines on a fighter jet do you actually know how hard it is to aim that? Most players just get out of the way.

    its not that hard to land on a player also it can be a little tricky to aim with a tank time to time and if you dont have a friend you wont be able to move around very much making the tank an easy target and on top of that you can just avoid a tank missile by just hiding behind a hill.

    There should be veteran privileges indeed but in my opinion they should only be a visible thing, not having the extremely ultra broken /home command .

    Just have golden chat or anything else .

    (PS i still think that /home command is a pay to win like advantage for either campers, heavy raiders and basemakers)

    if they make it so that the /home is given to other players when they get a rank after completing objectives maybe it would be a bit more balanced.

    A smart person would know that shooting someone wont be very efficent if they are gonna suicide bomb them and you can take out the jets battery to prevent the victim to hear the jets noise. Plus you can add barriers so when you get close enough you wont be able to get shot by the victim. and the splash damage is not very avoidable if you place down a ton of landmines or claymores or something like that.

    Yeah but if a jet goes down you can just easily spawn another jet.
    Tanks are slow and are pretty easy to take out with a few RPG's where as jets are fast and to top it off they are FLYING which is impossible to hit with an rpg. And if you take a tank down the player would probably be shot to death before he can spawn another tank.

    This is not just a PvP server. Other players can build stuff and freezzer is the most popular server to build with your friends as not everyone is capable to make their own server and lowering the barricade health would just ruin those builders fun and not everyone builds they creations to vehicles and most commonly they will build it on the ground which you cant just respawn.

    Though i agree that the jets damage should be increased to 5 damage instead so its not completely useless when it comes to PvP and it would open a new style of GamePlay for those who like to fly planes. There are attack helis for that but you need a friend for that which is not as efficient as you have to coordinate your movements with your friend and there is also lag on the server that makes the camera too unstable to shoot. Barlemon

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    Why you would be well suited to become a Support-Staff: Now im pretty sure you got lots of applications and im just one of them, im nothing special just your average moderator on minecraft or discord servers but i have my special abilities. one of them being empathy, I can emphathize smoothly with other people and this can really help with moderation on a server and can prevent misunderstanding. I have also been a moderator in other discords and support on a few minecraft servers. Im probably better off being support then being a moderator. I also know most of the moderation commands and i can easily learn a new format. I will try to talk it out with people that dont follow the rules but if they leave me no choice i will punish them. Anyway, im not perfect but i have my uses and i hope you will accept me in to the team because I really wanna help this server get better.