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    First, how does it go off when you can’t shoot but you have to shoot for it to go off?

    If you would pay attention. You said how and i gave two different options. It isnt my fault that you cant understand a simple statement’s really for solving the spawn camp problem. It gives you a chance to fight off the campers.

    Thats not a good reason in my opinion, People arent waiting for you to spawn just to kill you, for example me myself; chilling with budds in the woods and someone spawns right in front of us and starts shooting, when we kill the guy, he call us spawn campers. I didnt say it shouldnt be there, I said people shouldnt be able to engage in PVP while they are being protected by spawn protection.

    Nelson is going on a rampage, removing Greece and, a long time ago, Ireland and Carpat.

    Soon, Hawaii will disappear too.

    Every weapon was balanced and I really miss the orel or the dagger.

    Please freezzer team!

    People are pretty much using Maplestrike, Nightraider, Fusilaut , etc all the time. I dont know if adding those gonna put any weight on the server or no, but im sure that no one gonna use them except some people like you or else.

    Not to mention that every map's weapon pack have been used by people of course but the fact is people will eventually end up using those guns i mentioned above. how long you gonna use dagger? a couple of days and then back to whatever you used to use.

    it would be nice if we could have raiding gear do the same damage as before the update of changing it i mean you can go in s-7 basement blowtorch the door 24/7 and you have to use like 16 charges at the same time to get through its kinda insane i mean if ur a solo player you wouldnt be able to raid that, also making explosions do the same damage as before would also be cool cuz i cant suicide bomb ppl alone with chewing gum you need atleast 2 ppl to suicide bomb now

    I agree, People arent supposed to build bases in sand-box servers, yet some do. and it should be easier to raid. With current rate you need 50 Dragonfang ammo to do so with a weapon which is pretty much a lot for raiding someone who have place +30 Large Metal Plates in a place like Holman Island's Basement.

    Hey everyone,

    I was wondering if there could be some changes in the way that spawn protection in sand-box servers works? Cause literally when people re-spawn, if they have their load-out automatic load on, they can shoot you and kill you while you cant do anything except running away or dying which in most of the cases you end up dead. Cant it be like when you shoot your protection goes off? cause people re-spawn near most of the time, and when server is crowded people will randomly spawn around you with protection and so on. Im looking into discussing about this problem down in the comments