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    Yes zombies are a big problem that can be easily solved by just removing them since no one has any real use for them anyways. It could also make servers run at least a bit faster.

    1) Snipers are supposed to camp. That's how it works in real life, and in all games they are implemented in.

    2) Not everyone plays the same, so not everyone is going to chose close range.

    3) If camping in a forest makes me a pussy, then so does camping on needle tower where I can see absolutely everything around me and also use plates to hide my sorry ass behind.

    4) If the game is "supposed" be close range then why were long range guns added in the first place?

    5) At steam level 48 I can safely assume you don't have a job.

    1) If snipers are supposed to camp in all the games than explain Quake. Also saying "snipers irl" is stupid af because this is a game.
    2) I know that we all have our playstyles and i "respect" most of them but there are some certain ways of playing that no one who actually gets the point of pvp in Unturned respects.
    3) When i am on White i use just one plate above my head in 98% of cases which makes me an easy target from all the sides. So yes i do think that you are a pussy for camping behind a tree from 298m and running away anytime anyone just looks at you. I have never met anyone who respect your playstyle while i met many players that respect that i have balls to run straight at you with a sniper when you use Maplestrike or Zubek.
    4) My point is that snipers in Unturned are not "long range" since they have just 300m of range (guns with range over that are modded) Maplestrike has 200m range which is 2/3 of a sniper range.
    5) That is just a stupid logic since if i wnat to level up my steam i need money which i get from the job. If you would have to apply your logic you would have to say that Renegade doesnt have a job (his steam level is 460)+the fact you are trying to attack me out of the game boundries is just making me feel a bit sad for you.

    No they cant because they already attempted to do this with other things but it basically breaks the game because Unturned is Unturned.

    If you think that im toxic because i dont want to get sniped from 500m by every child that joins the server than you will have to call toxic every player that has over 100 hours on Freezzer and understands how easy are thingsto abuse.

    And as i said before only actually nerfed things are most abused ones. Right now no one other than you (and players that just camp) have any problem with how guns are. All guns are now balanced to provide good PvP because Freezzer is mainly PvP based server. All players that are actually have balls to PvP close range which is how its supposed to be since there are no guns that go over 300m (excluding modded guns, vehicles and guns that are not in anymore). I understand your point of view because i used to camp like a little pussy with a sniper in full ghillie as well but once i realized how much more fun fast paced playstyle is. What you dont understand is that there also other players than players like you so Freezer admins will rather go for the most optimal option rahter than option that profits you only which in this case is leaving jets nerfed hard so they cant be abused (they were highly abused when they did actual damage with or without plates because of 500m range they have)

    your "admin buff this for me because i suck at the game" argument is weak, because there is already 1 tap weapons in the game, the OP therefore does not need the hawkhound to be buffed to be good at the game, he is asking it be buffed so that there is more diversity in weapon choice.

    I know him and only reason he is asking for that is because he gota snice skin for it so he wants to farm kills on it. Also game also needs 2hs snipers as well so its fair that low tier guns need 2hsto kill and high tier need 1hs.

    pls dont ever make it 1 hs its made as a farm weapon, bullet drop and speed is scuffed, friends that are just 1v1ning wouldnt rly like it to be 1 shot hs, its a gun like a sport shot that shoud never be changed

    Very good point. 1v1s with them would be automatically ruined since they are the only bolt action sniper rifles that 2hs kill.

    You must be one of those kids that cry "NERF!" all the time. If you die to a weapon that you think is OP then grow some balls and learn to take the loss like a grown up instead of cry "NERF!".

    There is nothing wrong with buffing under powered guns.

    Only successful Nerf vote we had so far was on Matamorez (And mkII but thats nerfed on basically all sandbox servers) so the "You must be one of those kids that cry "NERF!" all the time." part is absolutely irrelevant. Hawkhound and Schofield are god as they are. Only reason why people need them buffed is because they are little cry babies that cant get kills with normal unbuffed ones. Also i would like to say that there actually players that enjoy 2hs kills with Hawkhound and Schofield so buffing them would mean deleting only two bolt action sniper rifles that are available on Freezzer. If you want to farm kills on Hawkhoud/Schofield just get good at the game. Its not that hard to get actual kills on Hawkhound/Schofield. Guns right now have a good balance on Freezzer and hopefully it will stay like that for now. Buff of the Ekho and Timberwolf was fair and reasonable because people missed guns like Sharpsman Rifle and Hecate. we have two 1hs kill guns so making more of them is just question of "Admin buff this for me because i suck at the game". Also Schofield has 5 bullets only so "You can make it so it kills in 6-8 shots" is a retarded idea in general.

    Like I said in a previous comment, you can give jets low hp and make them subject to attack from all guns, not just specific guns, all of them. That way players don't have to change weapon to damage them. You could also lower buildable hp to do the same.

    Jets with guns being op would not be an issue if you made them take damage from all guns instead of a select few.

    Jets can snipe you from 500m (No gun can reach that since max range is currently 300m) which still makes it super op since all you have to do is fly high enough or start shooting from far enough.

    I agree.... Even if its in sandbox its annoying when pople you shoot just log out because they dont want to loose their stats or because they want to log back in 1min later just to shoot you from the back. I see people that do that as cowards (I dont care if ur low kd hurts your ego... just dont be a bitch.)

    I would remove horde beacons completely because even if they get cooldown higher, block crafting and remove chance to camp with sentries they can still be spawned in ammount of 50 which means player can just hide bunch of lockers somewhere in the ass of the world and than just get 1-2 hordes from there and hide them again in seattle and than just repeat that until he runs out of them. There is literally no reason to keep them in because u dont need any of the loot from them.

    Comparing matamorez and mk2 is not "ridiculous" at all because you are the one who said "I don't find normal to nerf Nelson's work.". From what I know mk2 is still Nelsons work so by ur logic we should leave it unnerfed. Other thing is that matamorez and mk2 are used a lot by players that join once and never ever come back which is annoying to players like me that play on freezzer daily. "About the whole kid camping thing, a guy called desmond on Washington spends his days camping on hills spamming with a grizzly..." Call it camping but in fact i move more while sniping than people that constantly stay on brown, grey, white and bridge. Others call it "camping" because they think that im prone behind a tree whole day which is not truth because i move while sniping. I dont think that moving around whole Seattle is camping.... to be honest i actually think that people that put plates on white and than just sit and wait for people to drop them are true campers. I am the one who moves around forests while they just stay on roofs waiting for people to drop them. Also i snipe because main point of playing for me is having fun which i dont have while using maplestrike. It simply feels much better to hit that 280m headshot for me than jumping around while shooting full auto. (I understand tho that jumping around with maplestrike is how is the game supposed to be played. It just isnt satisfying enough for me.)

    Now for you Johnmarston.

    Your point about mk2 being mythical is an absolute bs because it still can be just spawned using /i mk2 so my compare to matamorez is on point because they are both too op for the server.

    Also "maplestrike+T P+spec ops gear = OP" is actually good and balanced loadout cuz its good but it still requires some skill. (i dont use that loadout cuz im a sniper. I have maplestrike in my inv tho.)+Ppl that use loadout that u mentioned use it because they have fun using it. Loadout with guns like maplestrike and grizzly are OP only if you learn how to work with that loadout.

    "(Spawn)Camping will still be a "problem", mata or not." Spawn camping is against rules and its bannable. Spawn killing tho is still going to be a problem but we cant do anything against that. I was talking about ppl camping in trees with matamorez just randomly spamming it at players to FARM kills to have better K/D or to annoy others by doing that.

    "It is amusing that it's on a sandbox server that creativity is the rarest with the exact same inventories and player type." Not all players use same loadout and there is also a lot of types of players (same weapon does not make u a same type of player)

    I agree tho with "The timberwolf or ekho could be good if they were an instant-headshot kill but with lower body damage, rewarding accuracy over spamming" but grizzly still has only 5 bullets+most of the players that play on freezzer jump around so its still a challenge to hit (definitely harder to hit than to spam 36 bullets into someone from 250m+ where players that use maplestrike cant hit back or neither have enough time to switch to their sniper they use)

    Also yes horde beacons are a big problem of Seattle.

    Matamorez is not overpowered in survival (cuz its very rare) but in sandbox where u can just spawn it in its just too much.

    Automatic sniper that requires just 2 hs to kill and has range of 300m is too op because any kid can go and sit in a tree and farm kills using it.

    Quote from you: "I don't find normal to nerf Nelson's work." is just total bs cuz Nelson made this game to be survival not sandbox so its reasonable to nerf gun thats simply too op for the server.

    Another quote from you: "After all why would it be called sandbox if the server starts nerfing guns?" is also bs cuz in that case we should give mk2 normal stats and i dont think that its a good idea to have a gun that has no bullet drop, no recoil and 150 damage per hit cuz its too op and same goes to matamorez

    Last quote i would like to talk about: "Also since we start nerfing items that are better than others, we must nerf the grizzly. After all it deals the same damage that the 2 other bolt action snipers but with a much better firerate." Grizzly is needed because its last sniper rifle thats worth using.(after sharpsman rifle and hecate are gone) If you use Timberwolf or Ekho you have to wait pretty long time before shooting again so mostly before you take second shot your target is long gone and thats when grizzly comes in.

    I hope that im not the only one who gets annoyed when i get sniped from 250m+ by some random player thats trying to farm kills by sitting in a tree with a matamorez. Matamorez is one of two big problems that we can take care of other problem are players that hide horde beacon or multiple horde beacons in Seattle only cuz they want to troll or because they get angry at others.