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    why not balance? Don't ruin the gun just make it fair.

    If you balance the gun, its a win for both people. The gun is still useful to those who need it, yet is no longer toxicly overpowered.

    That would take a nerf, and people voted that they do not want that

    Kenneth, you made some really good points in your post. I do have two things that I would like to add: the nerfed amount of damage was left open-ended in my post because I do not know what would be best, and secondly, I did not write the post as a complaint, but rather a heartfelt suggestion. Desmond had a very good suggestion to nerf just the range; would this be a good compromise for Kisses and Kenneth? Thanks.

    Hello everyone,

    Although someone else has requested this nerf in the past, I would like to open a new thread to discuss this issue once again. The Matamorez is quite powerful, especially in a sandbox server with the capability of a person to carry nearly infinite ammo. I'm sure there are players who find it fun to use, but I am also sure that many of us do not care to be killed by someone using this gun. Freezzer--PEI 1-1 specifically--has evolved into a stomping ground for players simply looking for an authentic PvP experience to with no mods, where players use a Maplestrike (or Zubeknakov, Fusilaut, etc.), rush prison, and so on; in other words, PEI Creative allows for experienced players (or beginners looking for a challenge, which is not a rare sight) to verse other experienced players and practice their aim or skills, simply have fun, etc. in a relatively fair environment. Jets and the Shadowstalker MK II were likely nerfed for this reason. Most impressive, in my opinion, is that someone can call a "Hecate battle" at the prison, and all of a sudden 10 or more people can stop using the Maplestrike and start dueling with the Hecate (now that's a tryhard family right there), and will even team up against Maplestrike users for the time being. This phrase, "tryhard family," is something I feel many people who frequent PEI 1-1 enjoy being a part of, and what many people look forward to finding every time they join the server. Users of the Matamorez quite often camp around the prison island and tend to instigate much toxicity (which is not the fault of the Matamorez user, but is nevertheless a side effect of using this overpowered and sometimes irritating gun). This often upsets the ability to have fun of anyone traveling to the prison, and the Matamorez user will often get targetted and killed repeatedly or be called names, etc. I would not like this to sound like a complaint, as I would like for everyone to enjoy Freezzer as much as I have, but the Matamorez really does interrupt the flow of the PvP at the prison for countless users, including myself. For this reason and the others stated above, I would like to request that the range of the Matamorez be reduced to 150M; if someone has a different idea for nerfed damage or range please leave a comment. Thank you for reading, and thank you for your time.