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    The recent freezzer's matamorez nerf made the damage go from 70 to 50 making it as good as an augewehr.

    To me it would be more balanced to make the damage as it was before but to decrease the range from 300 meters to 150 meters as it was before. This way, players camping with the mata wouldn't be a problem and it would make sure that unlike before in a mata vs maplestrike, the mata always has to be in the maplestrike's range.

    but then the server would appear as modded. An that I don't think the freezzer's team will agree with.

    What about modyfing the timberwolf and ekho as you modified the alicepack and the rpg damage?

    Increasing the damage to make it a one shot headshot but making it slower to reload and hammer.

    Thats not a good reason in my opinion, People arent waiting for you to spawn just to kill you, for example me myself; chilling with budds in the woods and someone spawns right in front of us and starts shooting, when we kill the guy, he call us spawn campers. I didnt say it shouldnt be there, I said people shouldnt be able to engage in PVP while they are being protected by spawn protection.

    technically, you and your buds are staying near a spawn so you are spawn camping.

    First of all pedomoonbear. You comparing the mk2 with matamorez is ridiculous. If it was as powerful and OP as the mk2, you problably would have to go through an easter egg to get it. Also you talking about the fact that we can spawn it is BS since the mk2 we get is maybe as powerful as a sabertooth.

    About the whole kid camping thing, a guy called desmond on Washington spends his days camping on hills spamming with a grizzly...

    "Ppl that use loadout that u mentioned use it because they have fun using it. Loadout with guns like maplestrike and grizzly are OP only if you learn how to work with that loadout."

    I was not talking about having fun but finding some diversity in the kits and gameplay.

    Also some players do have fun using the matamorez.

    "Not all players use same loadout and there is also a lot of types of players (same weapon does not make u a same type of player"

    Not all players indeed but a lot. A lot. Just copy people's inventory and you will see. Also the more people will wear the best armor (spec ops gear), the more other players will counter that by wearing it themselves. About the maplestrike it might become a freezzer meme at some point.

    The timberwolf that one-shots headshots with lower body damage looks like a legit idea I will make a poll about it.

    Now for you Desmond.

    First of all you compare the matamorez with the mk2, a legendary gun you can find in survival on any map versus a mythical gun you can only find on Russia after completing an hour-long easter egg. I find that irrelevant.

    About the whole kid farming kills behind a tree thing, matamorez or not won't change much. (Spawn)Camping will still be a "problem", mata or not. Also it's a choice of gameplay. Some of us just enjoy sniping while in a tree (though for that purpose, I will never use a mata).

    Like in a lot of survival games, the sandbox concept is about using any items that would take you hours to find in game, and it is "bs", since you like to use that word, to nerf a gun you can acquire normaly just because it's better than your average maplestrike. Speaking of which, you didn't say anything about "maplestrike+T P+spec ops gear = OP", I guess that, like 80 percent of the server, that is your common load.

    It is amusing that it's on a sandbox server that creativity is the rarest with the exact same inventories and player types.

    Grizzly is needed indeed just because it's objectively better in anyway than the other guns in its category (like the ..... yeah matamorez). The timberwolf or ekho could be good if they were an instant-headshot kill but with lower body damage, rewarding accuracy over spamming your left click 5 times, hoping it eventually hits.

    About the horde beacon yeah it sucks indeed.

    Since it'll soon be nerfed, what about this?

    Allowing the veterans, VIPs and MVPs to have an unerfed version of this gun?

    Looks like a correct reward for those who support you.

    Considering the poll on discord, the matamorez is gonna be nerfed next week.

    I don't find that normal. After all, this item was made by Nelson, creator of the game who decided what stats this item is gonna get.

    I wanna pvp on freezzer servers against players with the unturned items not some modified sh*t. Also since we start nerfing items that are better than others, we must nerf the grizzly. After all it deals the same damage that the 2 other bolt action snipers but with a much better firerate. What about nerfing the maplestrike? After all combined with third person and maxskills (try hard mode on), it's too OP as well. Maybe this is the future of this server: maplestrike, spec ops gear, military helmet, and third person. After all why would it be called sandbox if the server starts nerfing guns? Just make kits then it will be even easier.

    I don't often use the matamorez but sometimes, I just enjoy using a gun that is in the game.

    I don't find normal to nerf Nelson's work.