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    Involved Player(s): and other unknown

    Offense: Med spamming

    Server: Sandbox arena #1

    Time: 05/03/2019 4:16

    Evidence: Don't have any evidence but it is currently happening and has been for ~20 mins, it is like this every few games meaning no one can play for extended periods of time

    Involved Player(s):

    Offense: Med spamming

    Server: freezer arena sandbox #1

    Time: 05/03/19 3:00 -m

    Evidence: Don't have any evidence but he was sitting outside spawn med spamming, I know there isn't much you can do but if you see him sometime just watch him, thanks. 

    Involved Player(s): cookie zombie and his frind

    Offense: spawn caming

    Server: freezer #1-5 

    Time: 12/06/2017

    Evidence:<img src="" class="woltlabAttachment" data-attachment-id="165" id="wcfImgAttachment0"><img src="" class="woltlabAttachment" data-attachment-id="166" id="wcfImgAttachment0"><img src="" class="woltlabAttachment" data-attachment-id="165" id="wcfImgAttachment0"><img src="" class="woltlabAttachment" data-attachment-id="166" id="wcfImgAttachment0">

    Involved Player(s): (renzo and belive his freidns as well as claimed not his base)

    Offense: Gliteched base were they could just pop out of the wall and kill me

    Server: Freezer #Sandbox #1-5

    Time: 20/05/2017


    I've said this a lot to you, the reason you were banned was a reason that was all down to you. 1st time you found it was accidental but then you continued to use the glitch and thats why you still have a ban

    I understand that but Phoenix said "If that something bug/glitch is helpful to you in-game: unless you prove to us it is completely out of your control - which although you claimed, you haven't proved." So i know i did wrong but you should let people show proof.

    It happens on all servers I think. And as I suggested in the above I would have liked to show you how it's done and how it acIdently happens but I was never given the option to prove it was out of my control. I can't prove it as I'm banned and I told the mod I can show he but he didn't want proof.

    Also I didn't think about vehicles even know u can spawn them in they might have added lots to there plane like lockers etc. So I understand that but would like to show the glitch if possible at some point to shows it's out of control.

    Thanks again

    Sorry for marking aggressive post and thanks for changing my ban to 2 weeks (just changed) I am very sorry I just didn't think shooting People but doing no damage was too severe especially as it was an accident the first time.

    Would it be possible to fix the 'glitch' or does nelson need to fix that?

    Thanks again and I won't bother u from now on

    The banning system is far to brutal.

    I accidently did a glitch, get a permanent ban wich I feel is very unfair and should not happen to other people. You should give people a warning by banning them for 7 days or kicking them if it is not hacking/game breaking glitch or anything too bad.

    Plus give people a chance to explain/show you what happens as the forum admins are just like no unless u wait a year and beg and they are like ok u are unbanned. They just say we will think about it then say sorry no and block u.

    also at the time of the ban I could see any rules anywhere unless i came on this site wich about 10% of people probably do

    (most people will stop if u warn them or tell them how brutal u are with banning people)

    I was playing tonight and there are so many spawn campers killing me that don't get banned yet I got banned yesterday?

    Plus u need to calm down on banning people for no reason.