Garage / Trunks


The garage allows you to save vehicles into "garage slots" so that nobody can steal or destroy them.

/garage park - When you "park" your vehicle it will disappear from the map and all barricades/trunk storage on/in that vehicle will be saved.

/garage exit - When you remove your vehicle from your garage it will be spawned in front of you exactly as you saved it.

  • By default you will have 2 garage slots: so 2 vehicles can be saved at any one time. Using /garage park and /garage exit will automatically default to garage slot 1.
  • To access garage slot 2 use: /garage park 2 and /garage exit 2.
  • Any lockers or other storage placed on your vehicle WILL BE EMPTIED of all items inside when the vehicle is placed in a garage. All items will be dropped on the floor.
  • Parked cars are limited to NO MORE THAN 25 BARRICADES. So you can only semi pimp your car before parking it.
  • You can only "park" vehicles that are locked to your team or unlocked to everyone.
  • Tanks are exempt from this plugin and cannot be stored in your garage.
  • Parking a vehicle will cost 20% percent of its original buy cost. For example, a Sandpiper costs $300, so parking it will cost $60.

More slots will become available at higher donation packages.


The trunk allows you to store items in your vehicle without placing a locker (or other storage item) on it.

To access the trunk, look at the CENTRE of the vehicle and press Q + E at the same time. If you are inside the vehicle it doesn't work.

  • If the vehicle gets destroyed, ALL OF THE LOOT WILL DESPAWN! So if your vehicle is carrying valuable loot, protect it with your life :S - or put it in your garage.
  • The size of the trunk will depend on the type of vehicle, for example: Vehicles with guns on them will have the least storage, large vehicles with low manoeuvrability will have the most storage.
  • You can only access the trunk of vehicles that are locked to your team or unlocked to everyone.
  • If a vehicle gets stolen by another player - they will be able to access all of the loot in the trunk.
  • Tanks are exempt from this plugin and do not have a trunk.

Here is a table showing each vehicle with its trunk size:

Hatchback 4x3
Offroader 4x4
Roadster 4x2
Sedan 4x4
Truck 4x5
Van 5x4
Snowmobile 2x2
Quad 2x2
Explorer 8x4
Racecar 2x2
Tractor 4x4
Bus 8x6
Ambulance 6x5
Firetruck 8x6
Police Car 4x5
APC 8x6
Humvee 6x4
Ural 8x8
Jeep 6x4
Huey 6x8
Sandpiper 2x2
Hind 2x2
Annushka 8x10
Orca 8x6
Hummingbird 4x4
Rainbow Hatchback 2x2
Seaplane 8x8
Police Helicopter 4x6
Otter 2x2
War Machine 3x3
Bouncer 4x4
Coaster 6x6
Runabout 4x5
Skycrane 5x5
4 Seater Makeshift Vehicle 4x4
Scrounger 4x4
Hovercraft 6x6
Commander 2x4
1 Seater Makeshift Vehicle 3x2
Ghost 3x3
Jetski 2x2
Armoured Police Truck 6x8
6 Seater Makeshift Vehicle 4x6
Skipper 2x4
Police Launch 4x6
Dinghy 4x6
Fishing Boat 6x6
Luggage Car 6x6
Sportscar 3x4
Coastguard Truck 8x8
Toiler 6x4
Dune Buggy 4x4
Fire Tanker 6x6
Coastguard Jeep 4x6
Fire Chief 4x6
Auto 4x4
Rover 4x6
Taxi 5x5
Golfcart 3x4
Vodnik 6x8