The garage allows you to save vehicles into "garage slots" so that nobody can steal or destroy them.

/garage park - When you "park" your vehicle it will disappear from the map and all barricades/trunk storage on/in that vehicle will be saved.

/garage exit - When you remove your vehicle from your garage it will be spawned in front of you exactly as you saved it.

  • By default you will have 2 garage slots: so 2 vehicles can be saved at any one time. Using /garage park and /garage exit will automatically default to garage slot 1.
  • To access garage slot 2 use: /garage park 2 and /garage exit 2.
  • Any lockers or other storage placed on your vehicle WILL BE EMPTIED of all items inside when the vehicle is placed in a garage. All items will be dropped on the floor.
  • Parked cars are limited to NO MORE THAN 25 BARRICADES. So you can only semi pimp your car before parking it.
  • You can only "park" vehicles that are locked to your team or unlocked to everyone.
  • Tanks are exempt from this plugin and cannot be stored in your garage.
  • Parking a vehicle will cost 20% percent of its original buy cost. For example, a Sandpiper costs $300, so parking it will cost $60.

More slots will become available at higher donation packages.