Point System - Explained

The Freezzer rank system works based off how many points you have gained while playing on the survival servers of a specific region, e.g. [ENG/EU]. As you kill certain things (see table to the right) you gain points. After a certain number of points you will RANK UP (the ranks are listed bellow), which rewards you with specific one-time kits. Along with the items you receive, you will also be awarded cash - based off what rank you reached. You can see your current rank and points by using /Rank, this will also show you how you compare to other players who play on the same server region.


  • Kill: Animal
  • Kill: Player
  • Kill: Mega Zombie
  • 25 Points
  • 50 Points
  • 75 Points

Available Ranks

  • Recruit (0 points)
  • Private (500 points)
  • Corporal (1500 points)
  • Sergeant (3000 points)
  • Lieutenant (5000 points)
  • Captain (7500 points)
  • Major (9000 points)
  • Colonel (10000 points)
  • Lt. General (15000 points)
  • General (30000 points)


Select a rank to view its rewards