Point System - Explained

The Freezzer Gaming rank system works based off how many points you have gained while playing on the survival servers. As you kill certain things (see table to the right) you gain points. After a certain number of points you will RANK UP (the ranks are listed bellow), which rewards you with specific one-time kits. Along with the items you receive, you will also be awarded cash - based off what rank you reached. You can see your current rank and points by using /rank, this will also show you how you compare to other players who play on the same server.


  • Kill: Animal
  • Kill: Player
  • Kill: Mega Zombie
  • 25 Points
  • 50 Points
  • 75 Points

Available Ranks

  • Recruit (0 points)
  • Private (500 points)
  • Corporal (1500 points)
  • Sergeant (3000 points)
  • Lieutenant (5000 points)
  • Captain (7500 points)
  • Major (9000 points)
  • Colonel (10000 points)
  • Lt. General (15000 points)
  • General (30000 points)


Select a rank to view its rewards