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  • Hello there RenegadeNine before 1,2 years i got banned from all freezer servers for riterally no reason.Everytime i connect to a freezer server it just kicks me and says that im banned and the thing is that it doesnt tell me whu? and im a normal player that enjoys playing the game with some friends and i was never a cheater or a glitcher. I know that you wont believe me but man please unban me because its been like 2 years from when i was last on a server like this even if im guilty by something i think i ve served my sentence!!!,but who am i to deside so have a nice day:)
  • bro pls help i am new in the game i was looking for servers in google then i find yourl wanna i gone connect it tell me your password is inccorct pls help
  • look above me, he replies to almost every staff application lmao
  • RenegadeNine, I just got banned from the servers because i was in a glitch base/place when i told a staff about it, i was inside, because i was playing with a friend and he was with his friends and when i come they start build a glitch base in the cave at PEI, i was with them for some mins then i disconnect and after i come back i was still there to i go out from there for some mins and then I'v seen a staff at the server so I told him about the base and he saw and banned me, I didn't build anything in the base I never knew about this glitch place, pls fix it for not other players will get banned like me when they want to help.
    Pls unban me i tryed to help.
    Thank you, DarkDJ
  • Appears to be... a cop
  • Why you closed my ban appeal thread?
  • Noice dude
  • i have a problem in one vanilla server dude
  • I mean maybe you can make i command for make for loads a names
  • dis guys ban me shitta
  • hello renegade??
  • how do you get in a sever? Also can you tell me how to get in multiplayer??
  • Renengade i need to talk to you
    About banned multiplaying :(
  • oh if is for something like my english ok,i can understand and i agree, but if it is for my name no
  • Its not only your highly offensive previous names that have resulted in your denied application, its also your, quite frankly, bad English. You don't suit the role at all, I'm afraid. You've been denied, and that is that.
  • sorry if i'm taking your time, but i want an answer, if u found something offfensive in thet name, tell me what, i will learn something, and if u want speack better somewhere, tell me, i know thet the forum isn't good for this
  • And what du u care about thet name? are old name, and after all are not offensive, MEIN FURHER mean my guide, is not offensive, in germany still use it, Stalin is only a politic man, so, tell me where are offensive things
  • i can't stand thet only for thet name, i can't have a chance, this make no sens
  • if u want u can speack whit me in discord for see what person i'm
  • rlly only for thet name? it was for joking, was in a mow clan, rlly i'm not thet person
    if is only for it, pls think about it
  • renegade how do i apply there?
  • Just to let you know, I live really near Guildford! its a nice town.
  • sir ban this guy his glitching right now on 2-5 sandbox creative pls sir his glitching right now! plus he has friends with him his glitch is under map glitch he did it twice! please sir take care of this!
  • reply to conversation
  • oh nvrmind
  • why was i banned along with my brother
  • i know im banned but why can't my brother play on his computer while on his account
  • i was trying to get rid of claim flags underneath the prison in Germany but got banned for glitching do you think you could lower the time or cancel it thx anyway
    • Trying to get rid? Does trying to get rid involve building a base? I watched you build, so please take your bullshit elsewhere
    • i do admit that i got carried away but my main purpose was to get rid of a base that had claim flags underneath the prison ask somebody like fish5
    • 'got carried away but my main purpose was to get rid of a base' Yet again I say, does trying to get rid of a base involve building a base yourself?
    • the one i was building didn't even have claim flags that was stopping people from building above ground
    • Makes no difference, you were building underground and now you will suffer the consequences
  • yo i have a question is there anyway to refound my mvp ?
  • here i would like to request none buggy mods:first responders,millionaire pack,stars police vehicles,general lee,
    subaru,laxs semis and thats it thanks for tuning in